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👋 Hi, we help families battling childhood cancer.

We support families of children ages 0-18 with financial donations, host dream parties for warriors and give a message of hope.

“Leia’s Kids has helped my son who is fighting ALL and relieved some financial expenses that cancer brings with it. They were a blessing to us and we are forever grateful for them!”

Beckett’s mom, Kaitlin Burge

Insurance covers the hospital, but what about all the other expenses?

Miscellaneous costs of cancer quickly add up and many families are left with no way to pay for them.

Most parents have other children besides their child with cancer.

Managing childcare for other children is difficult and expensive.
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Mom or dad has to quit their job and stay at the hospital.

The loss of income makes the extra bills even more difficult to handle.

Expenses go through the roof when a child has cancer.

Airline tickets, staying overnight in hospitals and hotels, costs for takeout and premade food all create unmanageable costs for families.

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What Leia’s Kids Does for Kids

Crown A Kid Party

We throw a special party for the child to celebrate their courage.

Covers Surprise Costs

We help parents cover things like unexpected travel or child-care.

Mental Health
We help children express their feelings and navigate a diagnosis through social wellness activities.
Emotional Support

We walk with families because we understand what it’s like to have a child with cancer.

Leia’s Kids mental health innovative

Childhood cancer is life-changing. It will forever impact a person’s quality of life.  brings to heart, not only surviving childhood cancer, but thriving in life. We help young fighters and survivors to process the mental aspects of what occurred during their short lifetime. This helps them move forward and thrive with the life-giving mission given to them at a young age.

"Thank you for celebrating Aamir and making him feel loved. For instilling in him that he CAN do big things and he IS still himself despite the circumstances. "


Meet Charlotte!

Charlotte is a happy three-year-old little girl from Van Alstyne, TX! In May of 2023, she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. She is actively receiving treatment at Dallas Children’s Hospital. Charlotte has endured multiple rounds of chemotherapy, countless surgeries and stem cell harvesting. She continues to smile brightly and bring joy to her family. She loves baby animals and princesses! Charlotte stands tall with her big sister Olive and her mom and dad.

Kids we’ve crowned!

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leia presenting a check to a kid with cancer
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liea sitting with becket and a huge check
leia and ava with a check

How you can help

You Donate

Donate to Leia’s Kids through our secure PayPal portal. Donations are tax deductable!

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We Identify

We find kids who are in desperate need of financial support. Nominate a kid here.
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We “Crown a Kid”

During the donation ceremonies, we throw a party and give money to children and families who are fighting childhood cancer.

You Make A Difference

Your money helps these families pay for childcare, food, hospital stays for mom and dad and extra expenses for the family.

Donate To Leia's Kids Today

Your support makes all the difference for the families in our care. Consider donating today and making an incredible impact on a child’s life and family.

“[Leia is a] special talented leader meeting needs of people with challenges.”

Karl Berry
Senior Executive Director of CCRC

“Leia’s Kids is a hope-filled nonprofit that changes lives of these heroic families fighting cancer.”

Annie Fortunato

About Leia's Kids

Leia's Kids

We are non-profit charity whose mission is to provide hope and support to children and their families battling childhood cancer.

Many of us know local children and families that have been affected by childhood cancer. Doctors and nurses work hard to cure patients’ cancers, but families need more than medical help to get them through this difficult time. This is the point at which the Leia’s Kids Foundation intervenes. The foundation provides direct support to children and their families who are facing the often overwhelming childhood cancer pathway.

Leia Therese Hunt, Leia’s Kids Founder, advocates for childhood cancer awareness through her faith-filled inspirational message, not only to those battling cancer, but to community groups, religious groups, corporations and educational institutions.

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