Leia Therese Hunt

Leia Therese Hunt, intimately understands the impact that childhood cancer has on the child as well as their family. Leia was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a form of eye cancer, when she was two years old.  Retinoblastoma represents approximately 2% of cancer diagnoses in children and impacts between 200 to 300 children annually.  Leia’s battle with childhood cancer resulted in her undergoing 31 surgical procedures, multiple rounds of chemotherapy and ultimately the insertion of a radioactive plaque in her left eye.  The radiation ultimately defeated her cancer but left her blind in the left eye.  These circumstances defined Leia’s life.

To discuss Leia is to discuss her family, because as she battled for her life, her parents and four siblings were with her every step of the way. Leia has turned the devastation of her childhood cancer into a testimony of hope and faith.  Leia is passionate about sharing her story and has embraced the opportunity to speak at various events including childhood cancer fundraising events, youth rallies and event at the University of Pittsburgh.  Leia unique perspective on surviving and thriving is story that she is willing to share with your group.

Today, at 20 years old, after serving two years as a missionary with Hard As Nails Ministries, she is working to make her dreams for Leia’s Kids come true by bringing goodness into a world full of suffering.